Originating in a fertile plain, we merged our tradition and experience into one service of transportation and logistics, designed for all the participants in the field of agricultural production.

Our company headquarters is located in Novi Sad, the capital of the biggest agricultural region of Serbia- Vojvodina. Some of our employees grew up in the Vojvodina plain, working in the fields with their fathers and grandfathers, which resulted in them developing true love and a special understanding of agriculture. This,, know-how’’ of each step of the work that one farmer has to go through in order to achieve a good end-result, we used as the foundation for developing a complete service which improves and simplifies work that’s coming after the harvest, and is related to AGROLOGISTICS of the following agricultural products:

• Wheat
• Corn (maize)
• Sugar and sugar beet pulp
• Sunflower seed and sunflower meal
• Soybean and soybean meal
• Oilseed rape
• Different sorts of fertilizers etc.

Our AGRO SERVICE offer includes the organization of transportation by truck, by train, by barge, for which we provide special types of trucks and wagons. At our terminal in Novi Sad, we perform manipulation, re-packing, fumigation, and arrange special mechanization for reloading of bulk cargo. We store certain sorts of agricultural products in a bonded warehouse located at our terminal. We provide services of customs clearance at all river ports and customs offices on the territory of Vojvodina, collect necessary certificates and approvals of different inspection services, hire monitoring houses for qualitative and quantitative control and perform all other activities needed for a smooth business realization.

Vojvode Šupljikca 40, 21000 Novi Sad,
P.O. box 241, Srbija

tel: +381 21 489 69 00
fax: +381 21 489 69 03