In the area of air transportation, Panšped offers services of organizing transportation by airplane to all destinations in the world. You can count on us when it comes to urgent or regular shipments.

We will deliver your shipments on the shortest possible notice, take them over and secure airplane cargo room necessary for transportation for any airport in the world, transportation and delivery of goods by “doo- to-door” principle, with following services:

  • Booking room on flights of all airways companies in the world
  • Consolidation/ deconsolidation of shipments
  • Express shipments
  • Services of packing, manipulating and customs clearance
  • Transportation of shipments that require special transportation conditions (goods with short expiry date, hazardous substances, insured parcels)

Vojvode Šupljikca 40, 21000 Novi Sad,
P.O. box 241, Srbija

tel: +381 21 489 69 00
fax: +381 21 489 69 03