About us

Doo Panšped Novi Sad was established in 1990, and for 30 years it has been successfully operating at regional, Balkan and European markets. Panšped is a logistics service provider that in addition to transportation and freight forwarding services in the field of customs representing, offers its clients storage services, handling, distribution, and insurance of goods in international transportation, thereby giving them integral logistics support.

Since 1996 Panšped Company is a regular member of International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association - FIATA, which, in addition to prestigious status, allows the company to issue freight forwarding receipts as a guarantee for receipt and dispatch of goods: FCR, FCT, and FBL, which are valid in international operations. Attendance at annual FIATA Congress and various conferences allows Panšped to follow global tendencies in the field of freight forwarding and logistics.

The company headquarters has been in Novi Sad since its establishment and the business network includes branch offices and chosen partners on all markets and regions in which the company operates. Following tendencies of global logistics in international freight forwarding, during the second decade in business, Panšped has expanded its core activities by introducing a new scope of integral logistic solutions and services.

As a confirmation of continuous improvement, investing in development and as a result of stable partnership relations that Panšped has been creating with its clients, among others, „Business Partner for 2010” Award has also arrived, being just one in the series of recognitions for the successful running of the business.

Since 2007, through harmonization of operations with international 9001:2000 standard which has been certified by a recognized SGS Company, a system of managing quality has been introduced and in 2010, 2013 and 2016, it has been recertified so the company’s operations have been synchronized with the demand of international 9001:2008 standard.

At the beginning of 2018, the business operations of Panšped Company have been synchronized with the demands of the international standard ISO 9001:2015, and the company received a new certificate. As a part of this process, management of Panšped Company defined Management System Policy in which they demonstrate the orientation towards developing and enhancing the system, as well as the willingness to constantly satisfy customers and other interested parties.’’ At the beginning of 2019, it underwent another recertification, which synchronized the company's operations with demands of ISO 9001:2015. 

Our goal is to offer high-quality service to the final users and to reach the leading position on the market by building successful partnership relations with our associates and by investing in the progress and development of our employees’ potentials.

Our mission is dedicated work, steady development of new and improvement of existing services, modernization of logistic infrastructure, IT support, and investing in “know-how”, the most important segment of our employees in logistics.

Our plans for the future are focused on further integration in European and global economic tendencies, reinforcement of position in the wider area of the Balkans, and on improving the quality and scope of provided services, especially in the area of railways transportation.



For 30 years, since the formation until the present, Panšped has been constantly investing in the development of all communities it operates in and in projects that are of great social importance for the most vulnerable members of the society. At the same time, the company has been recognized as a long-standing friend of sport – from first league teams to small local clubs that are often very important for small communities as centers of nourishing and developing athletic and healthy habits of the entire community.

Wishing in every way to be an active part of the community we belong to and to the regions we operate in, over the period of three decades, Panšped Company helped various pre-school institutions, schools, medical societies, health care institutions, students for the sake of making progress, professional trios, Ph.D. dissertations, athletes in individual sports, Children’s Village in Kamenica, Centre in Veternik and in situations when aid is needed most – in various disasters, floods, earthquakes...

The company’s determination in the future will also be not to lose sight of the people who live hard and who need help.

Vojvode Šupljikca 40, 21000 Novi Sad,
P.O. box 241, Srbija

tel: +381 21 489 69 00
fax: +381 21 489 69 03
e-mail: info@pansped.rs
web: www.pansped.rs