Authorized customs agents will help you successfully go through complicated customs procedures, to avoid additional costs and possible delays in the realization of your business plans.

The wide scope of services includes:

  • Representing a client in front of customs authorities in all customs offices in the area of its business operations
  • Customs clearance of goods (issuing of import/export customs declaration, temporary import/export procedures, active processing of goods under the customs supervision, re-export of goods)
  • Completing and submitting required customs declaration, registering and placing goods under customs supervision
  • Customs storing and successive customs clearance
  • Expert advice and instructions about customs regulations and declaring of goods according to Customs tariff
  • Making of transit declarations at border crossings points, mediation in making requests for all types of inspections, presence during customs controls (sanitary, market, veterinary, phytho-pathological) and providing conditions to release goods to the market
  • Use of our customs guarantee

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